Brakeclutch, LLC
is a sales and applications office representing the best German brakes and clutches manufactures on the North American market.
The business successful operation and profitability is based on solid foundation:

Offering broad selection of high quality brakes and clutches
Providing exemplary customer service; rapid, responsive and sincere attitude
Supporting customers with comprehensive engineering expertise and immense experience related specifically to offered products
Managing lean, organized, well equipped, highly effective business
Maintaining the highest standards of ethical business conduct.

Our specialty is providing clutches and brakes for numerous motion applications to the automotive, aerospace, food processing, semi-conductor, transport, printing, mail sorting and many other industries.

Sample applications are mail sorting, food handling, packaging, printers and copiers, ski lifts, industrial machinery and equipment, actuation systems etc.

Our products, manufactured in Germany by Magneta, Moenninghoff, and Intorq have achieved high recognition for its superior design, reliable performance and durability.

Our success depends upon our ability to build sustainable and mutually beneficial relationships with our customers. Technically trained and dedicated sales force is ready to assist customers in selecting the right product and aid integration into their platforms. Technical support is especially vital while dealing with required modifications of standard components and assemblies. We have the capability to design, prototype and test brakes and clutches fully compliant to customer specifications. Our experienced program manager coordinates the engineering development activities performed oversees and customer relations in North America. All our sales and applications staff has MS degree in engineering and previously held positions as design engineers, program managers, engineering managers and business development directors.

We are set to attract repetitive business by providing our customers with:

same-day quotations
very competitive pricing
timely and accurate deliveries.

Anticipating expectations, we are flexible to satisfy specific customer requirements, i.e. committed inventory, special packaging, and many more.

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